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At Equinox we want to teach children not just to ride, but especially about the bond created between horse and riders. We will teach them about horses, caring for horses, grooming and the different disciplines of riding. These include showing, dressage, jumping, endurance, driving and many more

Pony camps are held on a regular basis and are great fun. Here we ride, swim, ride, play, ride again and sleep. Some pony camps have stay overs and then we have a lot of fun making stick bread and watching horsey videos. At the end of the day all riders will receive a certificate of completion.

Stabling includes all feeds, grooming, ad lib hay and bedding. Not included are veterinary cost and farriery. All horses are going out daily in paddocks with shade. Meals are worked out individually and given in two or three meals a day. Deworming is done 3-4 times a year and all horses are regularly vaccinated against African horse sickness, tetanus, horse flu and strangles.

Visitors are welcome by appointment. For a viewing please contact Adri at 014 592 6007 / 083 484 8826


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August 3, 2017