• Veterinary Services

• Complete Companion Animal Care

Comprehensive preventative care begins with the yearly wellness exam, which includes the following:

– A complete physical examination
(including evaluation of your pets’ vital organs, muscles, joints, skin, sight, hearing and dental health.)

– Yearly bloodwork

– Recommended laboratory profiles based on your pet’s age, environment, and activities

– A prescribed health & wellness program designed to fit your pet’s needs and your budget

We offer a variety of maintenance and prescription diets for our patients- including Eukanuba, Hill’s,  Iams, and Royal Canin brands.  We also prescribe Tick and flea control products.


• Vaccinations


• Complete Dental Care

Pets need dental care too!

And we have state-of-the-art dental services for them, including digital radiology, routine/prophylactic care, and treatments.Utilizing the latest dental technology helps us make your pets feel their best.  Digital radiology can often eliminate needless extractions or, in many cases, find hidden, painful teeth.


• X-Ray Services

Our digital Radiographic equipment is the newest available giving you a non-invasive diagnostic tool, which gives us plenty of information about “unseen conditions” which could be affecting your pet’s health.


• Diagnostic Services on Site

In-house diagnostics, combined with our radiography and ultrasound technologies, allow us to diagnose and treat complex medical and emergency conditions such as:

– kidney and heart diseases
– metabolic diseases such as Diabetes and Cushing’s disease
– hyper and hypothyroidism
– as well as a variety of other conditions


• Ultrasonography

Ultrasound is another form of non-invasive imaging which allows us to check your pet’s vital organs and ensure everything is in perfect working order! Ultrasounds can detect tumors, obstructions, pregnancies, and more.


• Surgery

– spays & neuters
– soft tissue surgeries
– reconstructive mass removals
– cryosurgery to remove small skin and eyelid growths
– orthopaedic surgery including pinnings

We always focus on your pet’s absolute comfort, safety and ongoing health when surgery is needed.


• Artificial Insemination

For those breeds having difficulty doing things the natural way, we now offer artificial insemination.  Vaginal smear will ensure that we get the timing just right improving your chances of having a litter.  Especially for breeds such as bull dogs, pugs, pekingeses etc.


• Dietary and Nutritional Counselling

Your pet’s nutritional requirements will affect his/her daily health, activities and also the time you have to spend cleaning up the garden.  We can advise you on the best food for your pet’s life stage, activity levels as well as weightloss and mobility issues.


• Microchipping

Microchipping your pet is the only permanent way of making sure your pet finds his/her way back home.  This chip is small, installed via an injection and does not migrate.  It can be scanned by veterinary practices and welfare organistations, greatly improving your chances of having your pet returned back home..


• Geriatric care

Old age is a life stage and not a disease and even though senior dogs and cats may have slowed down over the years, they are still your beloved companions, and they often need more extensive veterinary care to remain happy and healthy in older age.

Our geriatric wellness programs help older pets remain vibrant and healthy through their later years. We also treat a variety of age-related conditions and diseases with a combination of the latest veterinary techniques, prescription medicine, and natural supplements


• Exotic Pet and Bird Medicine

At Aran vet we have experience working with birds, rabbits, bearded dragons and other exotic pets.


• Equine Mobile Services

Our services include a mobile service for horses.  Deworming, vaccinations, trauma and colics.  Advice on feed related problems and farriery.  Complicated medical or surgery cases may be referred to a specialist.


• Radiation Therapy

Our Photizo radiation therapy decreases healing time and relieves pain.  Having seen plenty of cases where other vets have given up, this treatment really does make a difference.


• 24/7 Emergency Hours

Our vet is available after hours for emergency services.  Call our after hour emergency number.


• Ambulance Service

Our ambulance is available to collect your animal should something happen and you can not bring your pet in.  Please call the office number to arrange this service.


• Food Deliveries

We deliver food free of charge in the Rustenburg area-15km radius.


• Pet Food and Supplies

Our on site vetshop has a variety of vet only approved foods as well as toys and chews to give ultimate playtime and boredome relief.


• Grooming Parlour

The Purrfect Pets Grooming ladies are qualified to give your pet a beauty make over.  You won’t believe the difference


• Boarding Services

Going away isn’t such a headache any more.  Now you can go on holiday without feeling guilty as we will be looking after your pet.


• Puppy and Dog Training Classes

Training your puppy from an early age will help integrating him into a full family member. For puppies younger than 1 year


• Riding School 

Our horseriding school aims to teach children and adults more than just riding, also the companionship and responsibilities around owning horses.


• Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

We treat, rehabilitate and release all indigenous wildlife found in our area.


• Horse Carriages

Our antique horse carriages are available to make your special day even more special.  For weddings, engagements and matric farewells.


• Ponies for Parties

Brighten up your kids day with a pony at their birthday party.  Different sizes available for different ages.