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Aran Veterinary Clinic

Aran Veterinary Clinic

At Aran Veterinary Clinic our mission is to provide our clients and patients with the best possible veterinary care ranging from preventative medicine and nutritional advice to medical and surgical care underlining our motto of “Your pet is part of the family”

Pet’s Palace

Pet’s Palace

Being away from home is stressful for both pet and owner. Previously there was little choice as to where you leave your beloved pet, but now we have Pet’s Palace.

A home away from home. Situated on the Rex road 18km from town, we offer fresh air, spacious kennels with own enclosed sleeping quarters and private garden. All pets are walked daily, pampered and played with. Weekly washing and dipping will keep all ticks and fleas at bay. Individual feeding and daily checks will make sure your best friend will enjoy his / her stay with us.

Pick up and delivery service available within Rustenburg

Visiting by appointment.

Call us at  014 592 6007.

Just like you have a checklist for everything you have to remember to pack for your vacation, there is one for your pets as well.  Here’s everything you need to remember when you leave your pet at the boarding kennels:

  • Make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations, including Bordetella Brochiseptica (Kennelcough).
  • Bring your vaccination booklet with you when you book your kennelspace.
  • Make your reservations well in advance.
  • Make sure your pet has a collar and ID tag.
  • Make sure your pet has been treated for ticks and fleas.
  • Bring special toys, chews and blankets to make your pet feel at home.
  • If your pet is on special medicine, bring enough to last through his stay and maybe a few more in case you need to stay away longer.
  • If your pet is on special food, make sure you bring enough to last through his stay.
  • Make sure to leave emergency contact numbers with the kennel personell.
  • Make arrangements with your veterinarian for emergency care while you are away.
  • Write down any special treatment your pet should have.

Ever wondered whether it is better to leave your pet at home and find somebody to babysit or rather leave hime/her at the boarding kennels? Check out the pro’s and cons:

First make sure you find either a responsible petsitter or boarding kennel. Visit the kennel you want to take your pet to before making a decision.
Pro’s at Pet’s Palace

Peace of mind-at Pet’s Palace our kennels are completely enclosed for peace of mind. Escape artists are therefor safe and you can enjoy your holiday. Pet sitters may leave your gate open by accident and you may think your pet safe while you are away, while in the meantime he/she may be roaming the street.

Lots of attention-our pets are walked daily, groomed and played with for personal attention and maximum boredom relief. Some petsitters may only rush in at night, put food in the bowl and leave. No playing and no special attention may lead to destructive behaviour and serious damage to property.

Daily kennel checks will ensure we know everything your pet does-whether he/she is eating well, stools are normal and your pet is happy. Not all petsitters will pick up on behaviour changes if they do not spend time with your pets.

Homeopathic stress relief for those who need it. Being at home will decrease the possibility of stress. Lack of people at home however may lead to pets going to look for their owners.

Heated kennels for cold winter nights and fluffy beds. Letting pets sleep inside your home unsupervised may lead to damage to property and will increase fire hazards.