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K9IQ Training Academy & Behaviour Consultants

K9IQ Training Academy & Behaviour Consultants


Give your puppy a great start.

Puppies grow up much faster than humans and what may seem great at a young age, may become a problem later on. That is why it is so important to teach your puppy right from the start what he/she is allowed to do.

It is never to early to start training and socialising your puppy. By the time they are ready to go to their new home at 6-8 weeks they should already be familiar with other animals and people.

Our classes focus on helping you train your puppy in a confidence building and fun environment. All you need is a puppy, a collar and lead and up to date vaccinations and deworming.

Once your puppy is trained he/she will take his well earned place in the family set up. Always remember that because dogs are pack animals they need the discipline from the hierarchy system in your family group, so make sure they know exactly what is allowed. If you are unsure, give us a call and enroll your puppy in our socialisation and training classes. You won’t be sorry and your puppy will enjoy it while still learning.

General Info

  •     6 week course – 1 hour a week on Thursday afternoons
  •     Puppies need at least their first 2 vaccinations before starting class
  •     Only for puppies 1 year old and younger
  •     R600 per puppy (includes training manual, healthy treats and clicker)

Brief Course Summary

  •     Grooming and parasite control
  •     Nutritional education and advice
  •     Vet visit
  •     Basic obedience – Sit, down, stay, whistle recall etc
  •     Basic clicker skills
  •     Socialization
  •     Obstacle training
  •     Information on behavioural issues – ie. House training, digging, chewing, biting, etc

Telephone number: 014 592 6007


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August 3, 2017