Is African horse sickness contagious?

No.  Although African Horse Sickness is a virus, it is transmitted by midges and a horse will have to be bitten by midges carrying the virus to contract the disease.

What do I do when I find an injured or orphaned wild animal?

All wildlife require specialized care if they are to successfully recover and be released back into the wild. Stress and shock from improper handling are major killers, and some injured and stressed animals can cause injuries to handlers. Take to a wildlife centre immediately.

How often should my pets be dewormed?

Small puppies and kittens can be dewormed from two weeks of age and thereafter every 2-4 weeks for the first 4 months.  There after theys hould be dewormed every 3-4 months.  If you live on a farm, take your dog out for regular walks or don’t feed your pet a commercial diet, you should deworm them every three months.  Pets that are kept on strict coomercial diets, stay inside one property and don’t venture out for walks can be dewormed every six months.

What is the current policy on tail docking in dogs?

Tail docking is the ampuitation of a dog’s tail at varying lengths according to a set of breed standards.  As of 1 June 2008 the docking of tails purely for cosmetic reasons has been banned by the South African Veterinary Council.  Tail amputations will in future only be done if necessary for medical reasons and a certificate may be provided to verify the reasons.