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Most animals will become infected with internal parasites at some point in their life. In fact, the majority of animals become infected with worms before they are even born. Dogs...


Canine Parvo Virus… What is Canine Parvo? Canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a relatively new disease that appeared in 1978. Because of the severity of the disease and its...

Sterilizing your Pet

What is spaying and neutering of dogs and cats? It is the surgical removal of reproductive organs of dogs or cats. Why is it necessary? Every year thousands of unwanted dogs and...

Noise Phobia in Dogs

Fear of thunderstorms, thunderstorm phobia, fear of loud noises. What is noise phobia? Noise phobia is an excessive fear of a sound that results in the dog attempting to avoid or...

Health and Exercise

Obese Pets… Just like people, dogs can quickly put on a few unwanted kilos, especially as they get older and exercise less. In fact, a staggering 25-40% of all dogs and cats...